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Ready to level up your career, personal brand and presence in the events industry and go after your goals?

You're in the right place!

"I coach ambitious event professionals who know they've got big dreams but don't know how to get there to go from surviving to thriving in the event industry and make their goals a reality"


"Having one to ones with Juliet who pushes me, gives me that time and break to stop and think, what I really want to get out of life, what my vision and then goals align, look at my personal and professional life to get me to that goal, each session, I learn something new. Juliet has set me with new personal mantra, ‘Actually, I can’. I am so impressed with how Juliet has taught me about changing mindset and believing in myself.

I am progressing every month, learning to say goodbye to Imposter Syndrome, and so cannot believe where I am already compared to before I joined Event Goal Getters.

Each goal is split into small manageable steps and these changes are making huge differences, my confidence is growing again, and I look forward to being pushed to develop in my next session.

I cannot thank Juliet enough and highly advise anyone looking to reach their goals, get involved! She is a Queen!"

-NR, 121 Coaching Client and Goal Getter Member


I was in your shoes...

I've been there and I know exactly how you feel.  Truly loving being in the events industry but working 15-20 hour days with little room for anything else.  Intrigued by the idea of starting a side hustle but no idea how.  Admiring those personal brands killing it on instagram but thinking I'll never be considered an expert or have the know-how to stand out.

why me?

With over 10 years in the world of events - I KNOW this industry. I LOVE this industry. I run live and virtual events all over the world - I've been corporate side, venue side and freelance side. 


I have worked hard to build my personal brand and now speak on stages at the biggest industry events including a recent virtual presentation to over 6000 eventprofs.  I'm dedicated to goal setting and have seen first hand the transformation it can have in connecting you to your potential.

Goal Getter Coaching is for you if....



You want to harness the super powers of goal setting to believe in yourself and achieve big things in your career, business and personal life


You feel stuck and need support

You're ready to level up and blaze your own trail in the Events Industry


You've lost your sparkle and want to get it back


You want accountability and motivation to stay on track


You know you've got big goals, you just need to figure

out how to make them happen


You want your very own cheerleader!


A 3-month journey packed full of accountability and motivation to help you level up and have a cheerleader by your side every step of the way as you go get those goals.

Package includes...


A pre-call questionnaire to prepare


Initial Power Hour: x 60 minute call via Zoom where we'll take a look at your goals, your challenges and get you inspired and motivated to dream big and make it happen - leaving you levelled up and ready to take action.


5 x Follow up 50 minute coaching sessions via Zoom, held fortnightly in a safe and empowering space to work on different areas of your goal setting.


Unlimited WhatsApp and voice note support for questions you have along the way.


Fortnightly action plans, motivation and mantras tailored exactly to you and your goals


Recordings of all our sessions to replay and reflect.

Tailored recommendations of content and resources to help you in your goal getting journey.