OK, so let me let you in to a secret. When I first heard about the idea of manifesting I thought it was all a load of hocus pocus. I thought it wasn't for me, that it was too 'out there' and wouldn't help me to make s**t happen for real. But honestly, I was wrong. Once I opened my eyes to what manifesting actually is, I opened my eyes to what I was ready to receive - from my hard work, my clarity in my goals and my gratitude for what I had already. However. Manifesting isn't just closing your eyes and making a wish. Manifesting isn't just making a pinterest-perfect vision board and letting it sit above your desk. Manifesting IS:

Getting SUPER CLEAR on what it is that you want. Write it down, write it down like it's already happened and write it down again. Every day if you need to.

Align yourself with your goal. Align what you're thinking, what you're doing, and how you're behaving. Don't compromise. Don't say yes to things just because, say HELL YES to things that will get you closer to your goal and if your answer isn't hell yes then you should be saying NO.

BELIEVE to achieve. Dream big and don't limit yourself. It might take time; what you are manifesting won't happen over night. Believe in yourself and believe that the universe has your back..

HUSTLE... Now I don't mean work yourself to burnout, and I don't mean hustle without a purpose - but the BIG difference between manifesting and making it happen is what you DO to get there! When you've got a big dream and a fire in your belly you SHOULD be working hard for it. You should get your head down, and you should do something every day to get you one step closer to your goal. Because dreams don't work unless you do!

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