The power of Sunday planning

Now let me get one thing straight - I LOVE Mondays. Yep, a little unusual... but to me there's nothing better than the start of a new week; new goals, new opportunities..

So I start my week on a Sunday afternoon. By start my week, I don't mean launch in to a crazy flurry of office work, conference calls and hustle. But I take steps to set myself up for success so that I feel I'm a step ahead once Monday begins.

By planning your week on a Sunday, it can certainly feel less like a chore, and more something enjoyable to do at your own pace for your own self care. Since switching my weekly planning to a Sunday afternoon I've noticed I've enjoyed the process so much more. I also plan my week with a friend, which helps keep me accountable and on track for the weekly goals I'm setting. I wanted to share my steps in case they are useful for you!

  1. Take a look back

How did the last week go for you? Did you achieve what you planned to? If not, is there something that got in your way? What was your highlight of the week?

2. Time to plan!

What are your goals for this week? They might be stepping stones towards bigger goals, or promises you need to keep for yourself- write them down!

3. Schedule your fixed appointments

Anything non-negotiable that is already set; meetings and appointments.

4. Add in time to work on those big goals.

Can you wake up an hour earlier to write a blog? Swap an episode on netflix for your side hustle?

5. Don't forget wellbeing!

I like to book in workout classes (currently via zoom!) to keep me accountable throughout the week. I plan these in and add them to my diary too.

6. Block out time to work on projects and goals

Around these non negotiables, appointments and workouts I block out time to work on certain projects for work or 'life admin' outside of work too. This means it's an appointment I've made for myself, so I'm more likely to stick to it!

But with all of this, I know that it's ok for plans to change, or for curveballs to throw me and my plans off course sometimes. But by setting myself up for success on a Sunday.. I look forward to Monday morning so much more!

I hope these tips have been helpful for you and please do share any of your own!

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